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The first modular steering column system “Made in Germany” for commercial vehicles


Steer towards the future – and get there. This has always been our directive at Miunske. In the case of AGITA, our new steering column system for commercial vehicles, that is meant literally. With its novel, ergonomic design, well-conceived engineering and modular construction, it steers you in the right direction, in all senses of the word.
Besides design and functionality, quality was foremost priority during the development. With AGITA, Miunske is the only supplier offering a steering column system “made in Germany”. This integrated, modular steering column system has got what it takes to get on the road to success, so you can be sure of achieving your goal – whether as a manufacturer of vehicles or as a driver.


for functionality and aesthetics

We are convinced that design is not only a question of aesthetics but an integral component of each product. For this reason, product designers and engineers were equal participants from the beginning of development of Miunske’s steering column systems. The result of constructive and creative cooperation makes an impression. The new steering column system combines functionality and ergonomics to an aesthetically attractive “complete piece of art”.
  • The tulip form adapts itself harmoniously to the seating position of the driver.
  • At the same time it offers the possibility to integrate the operative and display elements in a clear and user-friendly manner.
  • Colours can be chosen to correspond with the colour of the machine.
  • The design of AGITA is intended to make a contribution to heightening the overall impression of the machine.

Design and function of the AGITA concept are inseparably connected with a third, very important aspect: quality. The steering column construction of the system is manufactured by highly qualified Saxonian with a combination of solid tradesmanship and newest technologies. Furthermore, this process makes high flexibility possible for small and middle-sized batches. In this way, new developments can be promptly implemented in the vehicle.
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2. "Made in Germany"

The peak of quality

It’s worth the effort to set your sights on the Total Costs of Ownership and on a high-grade product. Quality defects or shifting deadlines mean additional rigmarole. And that means costs. With the steering column system AGITA you obtain a high level of delivery reliability, allowing you to indirectly reduce the manufacturing costs of your vehicles. At Miunske, “Made in Germany” is not only a value of
the finished product; it is also a description for the production processes. After all, quality cannot be tested into a product. It starts right at the beginning of product development.
  • AGITA is robust and designed for the hard working conditions of commercial vehicles.
  • AGITA is manufactured with certified production methods, plants and machines.
  • Before it leaves our factory, AGITA is tested from top to bottom.
  • The results of quality control are documented on the test certificate of every single steering column.
  • Our ISO certification guarantees a constant high standard of quality.

Whether adapting standard steering columns to the vehicle or developing a customer-specific solution,
even for small batches you can expect maximum flexibility from us.


Product overview

The future user will be pleased from the very first moment of seeing this workplace: The integrated
steering column system AGITA offers the driver safe and simple operation and a comfortable driving
feeling, regardless of whether he or she is sitting in a forklift truck, a digger, a harvester or a vineyard
  • AGITA steering column system is extremely stable and completely maintenance-free
  • The steering torque is safely transmitted through a smooth, ball-bearing supported linkage
  • The modular design allows for a wide selection of customer-specific configurations with the desired operational and display elements
  • Miunske delivers AGITA completely assembled, tested and ready for installation. The system only has to be connected at the appropriate interfaces with the machine and then bolted tightly
  • This makes simple commissioning possible and reduces costs and errors of assembly



The AGITA basis system

The engineers at Miunske often have to satisfy opposing requirements to create a balanced overall entity. To achieve this, not only experience is needed but ideas. Of this much we can be sure: if you drive in the tracks of others, you can’t overtake.

Our basic system includes the four standard versions AGITA 500 S, 500 M, 800 S and 800 M

Overall heights: short or long
  • AGITA 500 S / M – the short version: if the steering column is mounted on a platform.
  • AGITA 800 S / M – the long version: for a greater field of view and unobstructed view downwards.
  • Designs: narrow or wide
  • AGITA 500 / 800 S if it gets tight – for smaller needs of functional integration
  • AGITA 500 / 800 M offers greater functional integration

  • 3-component shell design
  • Material: ABS
  • Surfaces: ABS, paint or soft paint
  • Colours: according to choice

  • Robust steel construction, blasted and zinc-plated
  • All maintenance and tolerance-free
  • Made in Germany
  • Adaptable connection plate
  • One-point adjustment for adapting height and inclination
  • Optional: memory function


technical information of the basic system

technical information


Delivery options

A finished Miunske steering column system is always the sum of individual customer wishes. From the simple control light to the TFT screen, from the lever switch to the CAN-capable switching system, every display and operation element you desire can be integrated. Additionally, individual electrical components are embedded on the inside of the steering column too. If you wish, we can further develop the system together with you or integrate existing components.

Control stalks
  • Indicator switch: indicators, horn, headlights, headlight flasher
  • Multi-function switch: indicators, horn, low beam, high beam, headlight flasher, wiper and washer
  • Windscreen wiper switch: windscreen wiper and washing unit
  • Direction switch (F / N / R)

Switches and indicators
  • Ignition or pre-heat starter switch
  • Up to 6x mounted section for rocker switch/button or: two lights, modular per mounting box
  • 4-key, 6-key or 12-key CAN keyboard with appropriate display and/or switching elements

Display instruments
  • Display instrument ø 100 mm
  • A round instrument ø 80 mm anda ø 60 mm diameter round instrument
  • Semi-circular instrument
  • TFT display


Miunske – act innovatively

For many customers, cooperation with Miunske is trusted territory. You know that you can be sure of our reliability, commitment to deadlines and quality. And we know that long-term cooperation between supplier and manufacturer can be successful only if we go the extra mile in all areas. That is our daily challenge. And we have the best basis to meet this challenge, in sales as well as in development and manufacture.

Your contact person

Mr. Matthias Wolf is our steering column expert at Miunske. You can contact him by e-mail or phone.

Phone: +49 35938 / 98 00 74


CAD data for AGITA models

For planning your steering column, we will provide you with the CAD data records of our AGITA models.

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Select your model

Data forms for AGITA models

Choose the right form for your steering column.

PDF AGITA 500 S form (449.03 KB)
PDF AGITA 500 M form (464.85 KB)
PDF AGITA 800 S form (452.01 KB)
PDF AGITA 800 M form (458.87 KB)
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